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The aim of the formation is a specialisation in mathematics for business and industry. A multidisciplinary approach is emphasized throughout the training. After a four week internship in a company, the students have to deal with a group project in real conditions, including training, work and presentations.

The objectives include:

    • to promote intellectual openness and curiosity,
    • to develop autonomy and ability to self-organize,
    • to develop ability to identify and learn what is needed,
    • to develop ability to communicate both in writing and through oral presentations,
    • to to get accustomed to meeting deadlines
    • to develop ability to work in a group.


Organization & lecture program

The program consists in :

      • an internship in a company in Belgium or abroad (8 credits)
      • a team project realized in real conditions during several months (18 credits). Previous subjects include the launching of a satellite, a Facebook application, the generation of a Belgian synthetic population. The project includes a preliminary lecture related to the subject.
      • a course on the information society viewed from different angles : its conditions, emergence and development (4 credits)

This formation is spread over one or two years, to the student preferences. To attend only a part of the specialisation is also possible.


Internship in a company

Objectives: To integrate the student in a real industry as an observer or an actor, to analyze his reactions, to evaluate his formation and to help him to make a final appropriate choice of career.

Contents: A long stay in a bank, an industry, an business company, a specialized center, a public service, a national or international institution, is proposed in Belgium or abroad. A specific contract is signed between both parts.

Assessment: The final mark includes the confidential report of the welcoming expert and a written final report of the student.

Team project

Objectives: To introduce the students to multidisciplinary team work in applied mathematics through a specific project, including non-linear analysis, dynamical systems, control, numerical optimization, space dynamics and quality of softwares, with the participation of professionals and experts from the enterprise.

Contents: Around a new theme changing each year, linked for example to the transports, to the meteorology, to the orbit determination, the optical design, the non-linear networks, a series of talks or lessons are proposed to the students, each of them corresponding to one of the multidisciplinary aspects of the project. The detail of the organization of the lessons is strongly dependent on the theme and is different every year.

Assessment: A global and unique evaluation by a jury composed of all the actors (external and internal) of the project.

Course on the information society viewed from different angles : its conditions, emergence and development

Objectives: This course provides the opportunity to realise an original synthesis in respect of the information society. It is intended for all those who wish, in the light of the past, to better understand the present and to reflect on the future.

Contents: This course brings together different points of view relating to our society, one founded on information and communication technologies: those of the computer scientist, the historian, the jurist, the sociologist, the economist, the philosopher specialising in ethical issues, the physicist, the anthropologist and the management scientist.

Assessment: An individual text, a synthesis (interdisciplinary), to be handed in, which will be graded.

More about the program can be found here.



This specialisation is intended to master students with a good knowledge in mathematics and computation (e.g. master students in mathematics, engineering, physics or computer sciences). A good knowlegde in scientific computing is needed.


Contact details

To have more information, please contact Prof. Anne Lemaitre (Director of the Mathematics Department)

by e-mail :

by phone : +32(0)81724908